PM(9.70 pitch)length(mm)+number of ribs


Ribbed belts - Profile PM section (9.70 mm pitch).  Domestic appliances, medical appliances, machine tools, small conveyors, conveyor belt, paper transport machines. To help you identify your belt if it is not marked, we advise the following. Step 1. Identification of the pitch, so measure from the middle of one rib across to the middle of the next rib to it.  Step 2. Count the number of ribs. Step 3. Measure the circumference of the belt to determine the length (all the way around). So three things only, the pitch, the number of ribs and the length. To endorse the measurement of the pitch of the ribs, measure the width of the belt and then times X the number of ribs by the pitch, this will confirm. Example PM (the pitch ) 1200mm length and 8 is 8 ribs so PM1200/8 Ribs.

The ribbed belt combines the high flexibility of flat belts with the high performance of V-belts. The V-shaped parallel ribs are made from a wear-resistant rubber compound. The high strength tension cord is designed for the many applications of the ribbed belt.

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