China bearing manufacturer & supplier FK Bearing Group . We do not distribute for FK so no continuity of supply.

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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
SA209 FK FK SA209 Bearings with EC collar 45mm shaft £9.08 (inc VAT) Each
£7.57 (exc VAT) Each
SF30EC CHEAP FK 4 Bolt Square Flange £28.62 (inc VAT) Each
£23.85 (exc VAT) Each
B2-16 FK SB202-16MM Light Duty Insert 16mm x 40mm x 12mm £10.10 (inc VAT) Each
£8.42 (exc VAT) Each
BLFL2-15MM TR CHINESE FK SBLF202 LF202/SB202 FOR 15mm shaft £9.02 (inc VAT) Each
£7.52 (exc VAT) Each
1135-35 UNMARKED FK 1135 Insert 35mm Shaft 72mm OD Flat Outer £21.34 (inc VAT) Each
£17.78 (exc VAT) Each
1325-25 STAINLESS STEEL 1325-25SS Insert for 25mm Shaft x 52mm Outside Diameter Unavailable