2mm Pitch HTD Timing Belts

If you cannot see your length and required width on our website, please contact our Sales Department and we can assist you.

Hopefully your belt is marked, the first numbers are the length and then the pitch (e.g. 3M, 5M, 8M etc) then its the width, manufacturers usually never mark them with the width of the belt, you would need to determine this, all in millimetre dimensions.  If the timing belt isn't marked adequately, there are times when the timing pulleys are marked adequately to determine the pitch and profile of the timing belt. The pitch of the timing belt is the distance from the centre of one tooth to the centre of the next tooth.  If you can determine the exact pitch, you can narrow down your choices rather quickly by measuring the width of the timing belt and the overall length of the timing belt. Alternatively if you cannot measure the length successfully, you could count the teeth on the timing belt and multiply by the pitch to get the length of the timing belt.


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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
140-2M-04 BANDO 140-2M HTD Timing Belt 2mm pitch 70 teeth 4mm wide £5.69 (inc VAT) Each
£4.74 (exc VAT) Each
232-2M-09 Bando Timing Belt 232mm Long 2mm Pitch x 9mm Wide £10.07 (inc VAT) Each
£8.39 (exc VAT) Each
420-2M-04 BANDO 420-2M Timing Belt 2mm pitch 210 teeth 4mm wide £6.96 (inc VAT) Each
£5.80 (exc VAT) Each
600-2M-09 Bando Timing Belt 600mm Long 2mm Pitch X 9mm Wide £12.97 (inc VAT) Each
£10.81 (exc VAT) Each
340-DS2M-06 Bando Double Sided Timing Belt 2mm pitch 340mm long 6mm wide £18.29 (inc VAT) Each
£15.24 (exc VAT) Each