Acetal Bearings

These plastic bearings are generally used for their corrosion resistance but are also non magnetic and non-conductive. A plastic bearing will only support low loads and speeds and acetal resin bearings should not be used in temperatures greater than 110°C.  Plastic bearings are only semi-precision. Inner and outer ring tolerances on these bearings are +/- 0.1mm. These bearings are more prone to temperature induced expansion and contraction. 

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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
CM6200/4N/D ACETAL 6200 c/w Stainless Steel Balls 10mm x 30mm x 9mm £5.20 (inc VAT) Each
£4.33 (exc VAT) Each
AC6000-316 AC6000-316 Acetal Bearing c/w SS Balls 10mm x 26mm x 8mm £3.54 (inc VAT) Each
£2.95 (exc VAT) Each