Flender (Siemens)

Siemens FLENDER N-EUPEX coupling elements. The flexible elements are made of synthetic rubber (buna N).  

  • Damping shaft coupling that can be used universally to compensate for shaft misalignment
  • Nominal torque range from TKN = 19 Nm up to 62,000 Nm with 23 sizes
  • Temperature range: from –50 °C to +100 °C


Robust and proven a million times

Due to their torsional flexibility, N-EUPEX® couplings can move critical torsional vibrations away from the operating area of mechanical equipment in such a way that no negative effects on the drive train are to be expected. N-EUPEX couplings are made of high-quality cast iron. The flexible elements made of synthetic rubber (Buna-N) are available in different degrees of hardness for many applications. Metal pins and flexible elements are designed so that no wear occurs when they are properly fitted.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Fail-safe for maximum operational reliability



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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
N-EUPEX H125 PART 1 FLENDER N-Eupex H125 Part 1 Pilot Bore Hub c/w Elements £64.44 (inc VAT) Each
£53.70 (exc VAT) Each
N-EUPEX H125 PART 5 FLENDER N-Eupex H125 Part 5 Pilot Bore Hub £52.44 (inc VAT) Each
£43.70 (exc VAT) Each
N-EUPEX H140 ELEMENT (6) DESCH N-EUPEX H140 Coupling Elements(x6) £60.54 (inc VAT) per Set
£50.45 (exc VAT) per Set
N-EUPEX DS88 ELEMENTS Flender N-EUPEX (Siemens) DS88 Coupling Elements(x6) £75.00 (inc VAT) Each
£62.50 (exc VAT) Each