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TYPE HWN The flexible Habix® coupling, type HWN, is a distorsion-free jaw coupling with flexible elements for the torsionally flexible connection of shafts. The advantage of the all-roundmachined Habix® couplings is the precision of the operating characteristic as well as the increased durability.The flexible element is available in white color with a hardness of 92 Shore A and in red color with a hardness of 98 Shore A. It is resistant against wear as well as against oil, ozone and ageing. The flexible of the couplings absorbes efficiently shockloads, torsional vibrations and noises. The flexible element of the couplings has been designed to compensate radial, axial and angular movements between the coupling halves. 

The Habix® coupling type HWT joins the advantages of the flexible couplings with the advantages of the taper bush system: fast and easy installation for a torsionally flexible connection between shafts and compensation of shaft misalignments. The HWT types with the taper bush system have the advantage that there is a backlash-free and at the same time axial TYPE > Standard coupling HWN > Taper bush type HWT > Combined type standard / taper HWNT > Components can be combined as needed fixing of the shaft even at bigger shaft tolerances. In addition the slide fit allows the axial alignment of the coupling. The exchange of the flexible element is possible by simply sliding the coupling halves in axial direction without removing the driving or driven machine. The field of application of the Habix® coupling is all the engineering industry wherever a safe connection between motor and driven machine is required.

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