HMV38 Hydraulic Nut

Hydraulic nuts were delveloped to facilitate mounting and dismounting medium and large sized bearings with tapered bore. Hydraulic nuts consist of two basic components, an internally threaded steel ring with a circular goove in one face and an annular piston which is inserted into the ring. Two O rings between ring and piston serve as seals. When oil is pumped into the pressure chamber the force with which the piston is ejected is sufficient to mount or dismount bearings. Two threaded holes are provided for the connection of the oil leads, one in the side face and one in the cylindrical outside surface. All hydraulic nuts are equipped with a nipple for quick coupling to the oil supply, the threaded hole not being used is plugged by a closure nipple with ball, which is supplied with SKF hydraulic nuts. Unthreaded holes are provided to take a drift of suitable lenght so that ths screwing on of the nut is facilitated. Two of these holes are in the side faces and four around the circumference. The nut should be carefully turned until it abuts the bearing and the piston is fully retracted into the ring.

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HMV38 Hydraulic Locknut 190mm X 3mm 270mm Outside Diameter £726.00 (inc VAT) Each
£605.00 (exc VAT) Each