O Ring Metric (EPDM)


Characteristics of EPDM Rubber
Resistant to: extreme cold, steam, hot water, sunlight and UV, dilute acids, ketones, alkalis.
  • Not for use with: solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Temperature range: -60° to 300°F (-51° to 150°C)
  • Hardness range: 40 to 90.
  • Standard hardness: 70.
  • Standard color: black.

It has a great acceptance in the sealing world because of its excellent resistance to heat, water and steam, alkali, mild acidic and oxygenated solvents, ozone, and sunlight (UV). These compounds also withstand the effect of brake fluids and Skydrol" and other phosphate ester-based hydraulic fluids. EPDM compounds are not recommended for gasoline, petroleum oil and grease, and hydrocarbon environments.

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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
19.6 X 2.4 EPDM O Ring EPDM 19.6mm inside diameter x 2.4mm section £3.90 (inc VAT) Each
£3.25 (exc VAT) Each
38 X 4 EPDM O Ring Metric EPDM 38mm Inside Diameter x 4mm Section £6.54 (inc VAT) Each
£5.45 (exc VAT) Each
63 X 3.5 EPDM O Ring Metric EPDM 63mm Inside Diameter x 3.5mm Section £3.90 (inc VAT) Each
£3.25 (exc VAT) Each