1205K - 1220KC3 Tapered Bore Bearings C3 clearance

With the suffix 'K' for use with an adaptor sleeve, C3 Clearance. Choose your adaptor sleeve from H2.. Series (Metric bores) or HE2... Series (Imperial Bores).

Self-aligning ball bearings have two rows of balls with a common sphered raceway in the outer ring. This feature gives the bearings their self-aligning property, permitting angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing. They are therefore particultarly suitable for applications where misalignment can arise from errors in mounting or from shaft delfection. Tapered bore (for use with an adaptor sleeve H and HE Series) 

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Code Your Part No Description size(mm) Price Quantity
1204K RHP 1204K Ball Bearing Tapered Bore 20mm x 47mm x 14mm £9.50 (inc VAT) Each
£7.92 (exc VAT) Each
1206KTN/C3 NSK 1206KTN/C3 Ball Bearing Tapered Bore 30 x 62mm x 16mm £19.39 (inc VAT) Each
£16.16 (exc VAT) Each
1207K/C3 NSK 1207K/C3 Ball Bearing Tapered Bore 35 x 72mm x 17mm £22.28 (inc VAT) Each
£18.57 (exc VAT) Each
1208K/C3 KOYO 1208K/C3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 40 x 80mm x 18mm £14.57 (inc VAT) Each
£12.14 (exc VAT) Each
1209K/C3 KOYO 1209K/C3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 45 x 85mm x 19mm £16.01 (inc VAT) Each
£13.34 (exc VAT) Each
1210K/C3 KOYO 1210K/C3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 50 x 90mm x 20mm £18.19 (inc VAT) Each
£15.16 (exc VAT) Each
1211K/C3 FAG 1211KTVC3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 55 x 100mm x 21mm £39.46 (inc VAT) Each
£32.88 (exc VAT) Each
1212K/C3 KOYO 1212K/C3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 60 x 110mm x 22mm £26.93 (inc VAT) Each
£22.44 (exc VAT) Each
1213K/C3 FAG 1213K/C3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 65 x 120mm x 23mm £57.58 (inc VAT) Each
£47.98 (exc VAT) Each
1213KJ/C3 NSK Self-Aligning Ball Bearing Tapered Bore 65mm x 120mm x 23 £60.55 (inc VAT) Each
£50.46 (exc VAT) Each
1215K/C3 NSK 1215KJ/C3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 75 x 130mm x 25mm £58.58 (inc VAT) Each
£48.82 (exc VAT) Each
1216K/C3 FAG 1216K/C3 Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 80 x 140mm x 26mm £73.64 (inc VAT) Each
£61.37 (exc VAT) Each
1217K/C3 KOYO Double Row Self-Aligning Tapered Bore 85 X 150 X 28mm £89.57 (inc VAT) Each
£74.64 (exc VAT) Each
1218JK/C3 NSK KJC3 Self-Aligning Ball Tapered Bore 90 x 160 x 31mm £107.75 (inc VAT) Each
£89.79 (exc VAT) Each