RHP Self-Lube Bearing Inserts

Wide inner ring bearings (spherical outside diameter) for use with the Self Lube housing. Three forms of integral locking devices 'G' set screw lock, EC and DEC eccentric collar and the taper lock sleeve for use with bearings suffix 'K' .The bearings are sealed and prelubcircated although they have relubrication features. There is a also parallel outer ring series with the same seal and locking features and, as with the spherical outer series, these can fitted into housings made by the equipment manufacturer. A variation of this series is the 1726200 2RS available for specific applications.

The standard is a single lip seal but available with Flinger seals FS (where extra protection is required) or 'T' Triple seal for applications with a high degree of contamination. Also these inserts are available with high temperature grease (HLT).

RHP Self-Lube Bearing Inserts

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