NSS12 - NSS35

NSS.. are one-way clutches, that are used for Overrunning, Indexing and Backstopping,  this is exactly the same size as any 62.. ball bearing. They can be used in any application that requires one direction rotation, such as mining, hydraulic, textile, printing and washing machines.

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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
NSS10 Cross and Morse Roller Clutch 10mm x 30mm x 9mm CNAS10 £100.26 (inc VAT) Each
£83.55 (exc VAT) Each
NSS20 Cross and Morse Roller Clutch 20mm x 47mm x 14mm CNAS20 £90.24 (inc VAT) Each
£75.20 (exc VAT) Each
NSS25 C & M Roller Clutch AS25 25mm x 52mm x 15mm CNAS25 £124.72 (inc VAT) Each
£103.93 (exc VAT) Each
NSS35 Cross and Morse Roller Clutch 35mm x 72mm x 17mm CNAS35 £140.35 (inc VAT) Each
£116.96 (exc VAT) Each