XDV38 (Z Section 10mm)

Garden & Park high quality belts developed explicitly for garden and park maintenance equipment. They offer challenges posed...tough demands, shock loads, high temperatures, reversed bending stresses and exposure to oil and dust.


• Excellent operating reliability

• Optimum operating features

• With aramid cord

• Suitable for clutches

• Suitable for back bend idlers

• For extremely small pulley diameters

• Dust-protected

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Code Description Price Quantity
XDV 38X480 OPTIBELT Aramid Cord Lawn Belt LG2000390 Equivalent to Z46
£12.41 (inc VAT) per EACH
£10.34 (exc VAT)
XDV 38X390 MEGADYNE Aramid Cord Lawn Belt Equivalent to Z37
£12.41 (inc VAT) per EACH
£10.34 (exc VAT)
XDV 38X440 OPTIBELT Aramid Cord Lawn Belt LG2000389 Equivalent to Z42
£12.41 (inc VAT) per EACH
£10.34 (exc VAT)
XDV 38X490 OPTIBELT GREEN GARDEN LG2000391 Equivalent to Z47
£13.13 (inc VAT) per EACH
£10.94 (exc VAT)