Timken Imperial Sealed Tapered Roller Bearings

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Design Attributes:

  • TS design with a seal pressed onto the cone rib OD.
  • One seal lip operates in the housing bore while the other seals against the cup face.


  • Moderate- to low-speed automotive and industrial applications
  • Aircraft wheels
  • Farm implement wheels
  • Idler rollers
  • Side-delivery hay rakes


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Code Description Price Quantity
LM11900EA-902A5 TIMKEN LM11900EA Sealed Tapered Roller Bearing
£25.56 (inc VAT) per EACH
£21.30 (exc VAT)
LM29700LA/LM29748 TIMKEN LM29700LA Tapered Cone Only with Seal
£34.43 (inc VAT) per EACH
£28.69 (exc VAT)
L44600LA-902B4 TIMKEN L44600LA Sealed Tapered Roller Bearing 1" Shaft
£19.85 (inc VAT) per EACH
£16.54 (exc VAT)
LM48500LA-902A3 TIMKEN LM48500LA Sealed Tapered Roller Bearing
£32.58 (inc VAT) per EACH
£27.15 (exc VAT)
LM67000LA-902B6 TIMKEN LM67000LA Sealed Tapered Roller Bearing
£36.25 (inc VAT) per EACH
£30.21 (exc VAT)