7304 - 7314 Universal Matched Bearigs - Steel Cage

Single Row Angular Ball Bearings for Universal Matching. Bearings for universal matching are specifically manufactured so that when mounted in random order but immediately adjacent to each other, a given clearance or preload and/or an even load distribution will be obtained without the use of shims or similar devices.

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Code Description Price Quantity
7304BWG NSK 7304BWG Bearing Universal Matching 20mm x 52mm x 15mm
£37.70 (inc VAT) per EACH
£31.42 (exc VAT)
7306BWG NSK 7306BWG Universal Matching 30mm x 72mm x 19mm
£46.91 (inc VAT) per EACH
£39.09 (exc VAT)
7307BWG NSK 7307BWG Universal Matching 35mm x 80mm x 21mm
£52.15 (inc VAT) per EACH
£43.46 (exc VAT)
7309BECBJ NSK 7309BWG Universal Matching 45mm x 100mm x 25mm
£77.28 (inc VAT) per EACH
£64.40 (exc VAT)
7311BECBJ NSK 7311BWG Universal Matching 55mm x 120mm x 29mm
£107.15 (inc VAT) per EACH
£89.29 (exc VAT)