Disc Harrow Bearings & Complete Units

As the name implies this is a range of bearings specially designed for disc harrow applications in agricultural farm machinery where a robust assembly is necessary to cope with the arduouse conditions. Triple seals are fitted because of the dirty and wet conditions usually encountered. Available with spherical or parallel outside diameter outer rings and round or square bored inner rings.


  • Parallel or spherical outside diameter 
  • Nitrile rubber triple lip, bonded to a protective steel shield
  • Round and square bores available
  • Re-greasing facility optional
  • Large size range offered, including imperial options
  • Bearing types available: DF, DNF, PDF, PDNF


  • Longer bearing life due to a superior seal performance
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs
  • Extended re-lubrication intervals, increasing productivity of machinery
  • Easy mounting
Disc Harrow Bearings & Complete Units

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£999,999.99 (exc VAT)