Double A Section V Belts AA

Section AA or Hexagon profile V Belts, also know as double V belts.

These double section V -belts can transmit power from both sides. Can be driven clockwise and anti-clockwise direction simultaneously. No special grooved pulleys are required for the application of these belts, the standard grooved pulleys of the corresponding sections can be applied. These are mainly used in agricultural machines.

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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
AA85 MEGADYNE Double V-Belt AA85 £59.38 (inc VAT) Each
£49.48 (exc VAT) Each
AA86 MBL Double V-Belt AA86 £38.95 (inc VAT) Each
£32.46 (exc VAT) Each
AA91 OPTIBELT Double V Belt AA91 LG2000604 £59.75 (inc VAT) Each
£49.79 (exc VAT) Each
AA108 MEGADYNE Double V-Belt AA108 HAA2800 £67.00 (inc VAT) Each
£55.83 (exc VAT) Each
AA112 MEGADYNE Double V-Belt AA112 £68.52 (inc VAT) Each
£57.10 (exc VAT) Each
AA120 MEGADYNE Double V-Belt AA120 LAWNMOWER £90.42 (inc VAT) Each
£75.35 (exc VAT) Each