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Type VT9D

PTFE Packing

Vulcan VT9D is solely manufactured from pure PTFE in the form of fine multi-filament yarns. The PTFE yarns are further vacuum impregnated with PTFE dispersion to enable the packing to handle steam and gas services as well as liquids. This PTFE packing offers exceptional chemical resistance along with high strength and low coefficient of friction. The inter-braid construction and the fact that VT9D will not harden in service over many years of usage, ensures that As a packing seal, VT9D is far superior to machined or moulded PTFE rings in that its tensile strength is 20 times higher, but at a fraction of the cost. VT9D has a tensile strength of up to 50,000 PSI (3,500kg/cm²).

Guarantee: Vulcan VT9D, properly fitted, is guaranteed to last the life of the valve into which it is packed. Should the packing fail it will be replaced free of charge.

Type VT9D standard spool length is 8 metres. Custom lengths can be available - please contact us using the form.

Applications: For low-speed pumps, mixers, reciprocating rods and valves against up to the strongest chemicals, solvents and steam. Exceptions are molten and alkaline metals and fluorine.


  • Vacuum impregnated with PTFE dispersion
  • Exceptional chemical resistance along with high strength and low coefficient of friction
  • Suitable for low speed pumps, mixers, reciprocating rods and valves

Operating Limits

  • Pressure Rating: 200 Bar
  • Rotary Speed: 6 m/s
  • Temperature: -200°C to +280°C
  • pH Range: 0 - 14

Limits are for guidance only. Product performance is dependent on materials and other operating conditions.






Gland Packing
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