V Rings 'A' and 'S' Profiles Metric

Nitrile V Rings, types VA and VS (most common type VA), also available in FBM (Viton) on request

All-rubber V-rings

All-rubber V-rings are used for rotating shafts in an extremely wide range of applications. The V-ring can be used alone to protect a wide assortment of bearing types from contaminants while reliably retaining the lubricant. They are also often used as secondary seals to protect primary seals in highly contaminated environments. 

V-rings are made entirely of elastomers without fabric or metal reinforcement and are therefore easy to install. They can be stretched and, depending on size, pushed over other components like flanges, pulleys or even housings. This is a very valuable feature, especially when replacing a seal.
V Rings 'A' and 'S' Profiles Metric

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