7301B - 7314B Bearings

Single Direction thrust bearings (Angular Contact bearings) are ideal for use in gearboxes, pumps, electric motors, and clutches or other high-speed applications. They are commonly used in the Materials Handling, Machine Tool, Steel Mill and Wind Energy industries. They have a 40 degree contact angle so therefore can support heavy axial loads. Designed to give maximum thrust, can accomodate axial loads acting in one direction only. They are most commonly used in pairs. High precision versions (frequently installed in matched sets of two or more bearings) are available and principally used as support bearings for metalworking machine tool spindles, woodworking and the printing industry .Designed for high accuracy and excellent high-speed performance. Angular contact ball bearings are designed to carry combined loads: both axial and radial.

Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
7301B NSK 7301B Angular Contact Bearing 12mm x 37mm x 12mm £20.62 (inc VAT) Each
£17.18 (exc VAT) Each
7302B FAG 7302B.TVP Angular Contact Bearing 15mm x 42mm x 13mm £15.40 (inc VAT) Each
£12.83 (exc VAT) Each
7303B KOYO 7303B Angular Contact Bearing 17mm x 47mm x 14mm £15.36 (inc VAT) Each
£12.80 (exc VAT) Each
7304B FAG 7304B.TVP Angular Contact Bearing 20mm x 52mm x 15mm £16.14 (inc VAT) Each
£13.45 (exc VAT) Each
7305B NSK 7305BEAT85 Angular Contact Bearing 25mm x 62mm x 17mm £19.15 (inc VAT) Each
£15.96 (exc VAT) Each
7306B KOYO 7306B Angular Contact Bearing 30mm x 72mm x 19mm £13.67 (inc VAT) Each
£11.39 (exc VAT) Each (1 units per Each)
7307B NSK 7307BEAT85 Angular Contact Bearing 35mm x 80mm x 21mm £23.42 (inc VAT) Each
£19.52 (exc VAT) Each
7307BW NSK Angular Contact Bearing Steel Cage 35 x 80 x 21mm £25.60 (inc VAT) Each
£21.33 (exc VAT) Each
7308B RHP 7308BEAT85 Angular Contact Bearing 40mm x 90mm x 23mm £30.07 (inc VAT) Each
£25.06 (exc VAT) Each
7309B FAG 7309B.TVP Angular Contact Bearing 45mm x 100mm x 25mm £44.24 (inc VAT) Each
£36.87 (exc VAT) Each
7310B NSK 7310BEAT85 Angular Contact Bearing 50mm x 110mm x 27mm £46.14 (inc VAT) Each
£38.45 (exc VAT) Each
7311B KOYO 7311B Angular Contact Bearing 55mm x 120mm x 29mm £41.62 (inc VAT) Each
£34.68 (exc VAT) Each
7313B NSK 7313BEAT85 Angular Contact Bearing 65mm x 140mm x 33mm £94.67 (inc VAT) Each
£78.89 (exc VAT) Each
7314B NSK BEAT85 Angular Contact Bearing 70 x 150 x 35mm £133.02 (inc VAT) Each
£110.85 (exc VAT) Each