7302 - 7314 Universal Matched Bearings - Polyamide Cage

Single Row Angular Ball Bearings for Universal Matching. Bearings for universal matching are specifically manufactured so that when mounted in random order but immediately adjacent to each other, a given clearance or preload and/or an even load distribution will be obtained without the use of shims or similar devices.

Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
7302BETNU SKF 7302BETNU Universal Matching 15mm x 42mm x 13mm £25.08 (inc VAT) Each
£20.90 (exc VAT) Each
7305BETNU NSK 7305BEAT85SUCNB Universal Matching 25mm x 62mm x 17mm £28.78 (inc VAT) Each
£23.98 (exc VAT) Each
7307BETNU NSK 7307BEAT85SUCNB Universal Matching 35mm x 80mm x 21mm £36.37 (inc VAT) Each
£30.31 (exc VAT) Each
7308BETNU NSK 7308BEAT85SUN Universal Matching 40mm x 90mm x 23mm £44.15 (inc VAT) Each
£36.79 (exc VAT) Each
7309BETNU NSK 7309BEAT85SUCNB Universal Matching 45mm x 100mm x 25mm £51.16 (inc VAT) Each
£42.63 (exc VAT) Each
7310B.TVP.UA NSK 7310BEAT85SUN Universal Matching 50mm x 110mm x 27mm £64.73 (inc VAT) Each
£53.94 (exc VAT) Each
7311BETNU TIMKEN BTN1 Universal Matching Poly Cage 55mm x 120mm x 29mm £49.51 (inc VAT) Each
£41.26 (exc VAT) Each
7313BECBP NSK 7313BEAT85SUN Universal Matching 65mm x 140mm x 33mm £113.86 (inc VAT) Each
£94.88 (exc VAT) Each
7314B.TVP.UA FAG 7314B.TVP.UA Universal Matching 70mm x 150mm x 35mm £119.11 (inc VAT) Each
£99.26 (exc VAT) Each