LJT1" - LJT5E Imperial Size Bearings

Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings Imperial Sizes available from RHP. These are single row radial ball bearings designed to give maximum thrust capability as required in machine tools, pumps, gearboxes etc., They are single direction thrust bearings and, therefore are usually found with an opposing bearing unless the axial load is always in one direction.

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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
LJT5/8 RHP LJT5/8 Angular Contact 5/8" x 1.9/16" x 13/32" £43.12 (inc VAT) Each
£35.93 (exc VAT) Each
LJT1 RHP LJT1 Angular Contact 1" x 2.1/4" x 5/8" £53.08 (inc VAT) Each
£44.23 (exc VAT) Each
LJT1.1/2 RHP LJT1.1/2 Angular Contact 1.1/2" x 3.1/4" x 3/4" £77.58 (inc VAT) Each
£64.65 (exc VAT) Each
LJT1.1/4 RHP LJT1.1/4 Angular Contact 1.1/4" x 2.3/4" x 21/32" £62.08 (inc VAT) Each
£51.73 (exc VAT) Each
LJT1.3/8 RHP LJT1.3/8 Angular Contact 1.3/8" x 3" x 21/32" £72.06 (inc VAT) Each
£60.05 (exc VAT) Each (1 units per Each)
LJT1.5/8 RHP LJT1.5/8 Angular Contact 1.5/8" x 3.1/2" x 3/4" £92.05 (inc VAT) Each
£76.71 (exc VAT) Each
LJT1.7/8 RHP LJT1.7/8 Angular Contact 1.7/8" x 4" x 13/16" £108.82 (inc VAT) Each
£90.68 (exc VAT) Each
LJT2.1/2 RHP LJT2.1/2 Angular Contact 2.1/2" x 5" x 15/16" £192.80 (inc VAT) Each
£160.67 (exc VAT) Each
LJT3.3/4 RHP LJT3.3/4 Angular Contact 3.3/4" x 6.3/4" x 1.1/8" £389.65 (inc VAT) Each
£324.71 (exc VAT) Each