XPC Section Belts (XPC2500 - XPC4500)


V-belts - raw edge, moulded cogged

Consistent further development of the production process, improved materials, low stretch polyester cords and optimised moulded cogs are the basis for this new belt generation.

optibelt Super X-POWER M=S allow complex drive solutions in the whole area of machine construction under the most difficult conditions and extreme operational demands.


  • High performance, raw edge, moulded cogged
  • Increase in performance of up to 15%
  • Extremely low stretch
  • Extended maintenance intervals/low maintenance
  • Optimised running characteristics
  • Excellent heat and oil resistance
  • M=S Set Constant; can be used in sets without further measurement
  • Energy and weight saving

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Code Your Part No Description Price Quantity
XPC2500 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC2500 £37.30 (inc VAT) Each
£31.08 (exc VAT) Each (1 units per Each)
XPC2120 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC2120 £33.14 (inc VAT) Each
£27.62 (exc VAT) Each
XPC2240 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC2240 £34.52 (inc VAT) Each
£28.77 (exc VAT) Each
XPC2360 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC2360 £34.80 (inc VAT) Each
£29.00 (exc VAT) Each
XPC3550 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC3550 £46.40 (inc VAT) Each
£38.67 (exc VAT) Each
XPC2650 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC2650 £37.57 (inc VAT) Each
£31.31 (exc VAT) Each
XPC2800 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC2800 £42.54 (inc VAT) Each
£35.45 (exc VAT) Each
XPC3000 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC3000 £42.82 (inc VAT) Each
£35.68 (exc VAT) Each
XPC3150 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC3150 £44.20 (inc VAT) Each
£36.83 (exc VAT) Each
XPC3350 OPTIBELT Cogged Wedge Belt XPC3350 £45.58 (inc VAT) Each
£37.98 (exc VAT) Each
XPC4500 MEGADYNE Cogged Wedge Belt XPC4500 £48.34 (inc VAT) Each
£40.28 (exc VAT) Each (1 units per Each)