OPTIBELT AGRO POWER, Kraftbands, V belts, Ribbed Belts and Variable Speed Belts. The company Optibelt has been manufacturing drive belts in the most diverse designs since 1948 – based on over one hundred years of experience in rubber processing.

Due to constant investments in material research and production technology as well as to the increasing knowledge about the basic conditions which are linked to the various application areas, the performance limits of machines have been shifted via the advancement of the belts to the high-tech drive elements of today.

AGRO POWER combines the experience from over 50 years of development and production of leading quality drives elements. Thus, AGRO POWER offers you a maximum of quality and reliability.

Day by day, we set examples with our top products, the Optibelt AGRO POWER series, and make sure that the best solution is implemented for every application. Everywhere around the world.

Passion meets precision – Optibelt AGRO POWER.

1004024/HCM4900AG23 10VX00A Biso Shrattenecker

1004024/HCM4900AG23 10VX00A Biso Shrattenecker

OPTIBELT AGRO POWER, Kraftbands, V Belts, Ribbed Belts and Variable Speed BeltsAGRO POWER combines the experience from...

1004024/HCM4900AG23 10VX00A Biso Shrattenecker

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