Metric Size Miniature Bearings


Chrome steel miniature bearings for shaft sizes from 1.5mm to 9mm

Miniature bearings are sometimes referred to as instrument bearings or micro bearings and are used in applications as varied as gyros, anemometers, flow meters, miniature gearboxes, small motors and radio controlled models.

Chrome steel is the most common material for ball bearings due to its high load capacity and good low noise properties. Chrome steel bearings are also more cost-effective. However, many of the very small, instrument bearings are only made from stainless steel as they are not used in high load applications and the cost difference is negligible due to the small amount of steel used.

Chrome steel bearings, with a steel retainer and a suitable lubricant, can be used at temperatures of 120°C constant or up to 150°C intermittent. Above these temperatures,dimensional change than stainless steel.

Chrome steel bearings are not suitable for use in corrosive environments as the steel is not corrosion resistant, so its not recommended using chrome steel bearings without any lubricant (dry) as they are prone to corrosion.









Metric Size Miniature Bearings