Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller bearings have high radial load carrying capacity and also high speed capability so used in place of ball bearings where high radial loads exist. There are various rib formations to chose from to suit the needs of the application and care must be taken to replace with similar bearings.

Metric sizes, no axial location NU200, NU300, NU400, NU2200, NU2300 (plain inner ring) N1000, N200, N300, N400 (plain outer ring). Axial location in one direction NJ200, NJ300, NJ400, (inner ring lipped one side) Axial location in both directions NUP200, NUP300 (with side plate). Available in polyamide (ET), brass (EM) or steel cage designs (J)

Cylindrical roller bearings are characterized by high radial-, and moderate thrust-load capacities.  They contain cylindrically-shaped roller, which are nevertheless not true cylinders. Instead, they are crowned or end-relieved to reduce stress concentrations.  Bore size and outside diameter (OD) are important specifications to consider when selecting cylindrical roller bearings. The bearing industry uses a standard, numbered system for roller bearings with metric-diameter bores. For bore sizes 04 and up, multiply the bore size by 5 to identify the bore diameter in millimeters (mm). The outside diameter of cylindrical roller bearings includes the housing (if any), but excludes the flange. 

Cylindrical roller bearings are used in a variety of applications. Examples include mining, petroleum production, power generation, power transmission, cement processing, aggregate crushing, and metal recycling. Some cylindrical roller bearings are used in briquetting machines, rubber mixing equipment, rolling mills, rotary dryers, or pulp and paper machinery. Others are used in construction equipment, crushers, electric motors, blowers and fans, gears and drives, plastics machinery, machine tools and traction motors and pumps.

Cylindrical roller bearings feature high radial load capacity because the rollers and raceway are in linear contact. These bearings are suitable for applications that involve heavy radial and impact loading. They are also appropriate for high-speed applications inasmuch as they can be machined very accurately due to their structure. Having a separable inner or outer ring, these bearings can be easily mounted and dismounted.

Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings